Friday, December 3, 2021

Bitcoin repulsion, what is your future direction?[Cryptocurrency market]

Bitcoin repulsion, what is your future direction?[Cryptocurrency market]



Yesterday’s BTC market was strong. When BTC rebounded from the rise in US stocks early yesterday, it liked materials such as the high PCE core deflator in October and the increase in BTC exposure of Morgan Stanley, and it was in the $ 57,000 range in the morning. After rising to the same level, it had settled at the same level, but due to the high price of Japanese stocks, BTC continued to grow to the $ 58,000 level (about 6.65 million yen) with a slight double bottom. As the Asian time began and the development lacked decisive material, the price fell back to the $ 57,000 level and made this adjustment, and Japanese stocks remained firm even in the latter part of the market. We are trading 5 billion dollars in cryptocurrency assets. ”Partly because the report showed the booming cryptocurrency transactions in the country, it rose to the 59,000 dollars (about 6.8 million yen) level and remained firm. bottom. However, this morning, Cointelegraph reported that the popular American animation “South Park” aired content suggesting future use of BTC payments, but BTC has a heavy upside, and the price has risen to the $ 58,000 level again. It is a development to return.


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