Historic chain of hotels closes: lost money for those who had booked

The coronavirus pandemic continues to reap victims even among production activities. The crisis has fatally hit the hotels belonging to the company Fabilia Group Spa and the aspirants vacationers who had already booked by anticipating the deposit or even paying the entire amount lost the money.

Fabilia Group Spa closes

Fabilia Group Spa is a reality founded in 2023 in Milano Marittima. Before the ko it was the largest all-inclusive chain for families in Italy with 6 hotel e 4 resort scattered among 6 regions: Marche, Puglia, Veneto, Trentino, Lombardy and Emilia Romagna. In total, the structures could count on over 190,000 visitors thanks to the availability of over 1,000 rooms

The chain suspended reservations and went in liquidationma without provide to refund customers.

At the end of December, the company requested the application of asset protection measures as part of the negotiated settlement procedure. The Group “is in a state of reversible crisis as a result of the serious pandemic crisis, which has reverberated its devastating effects on both the management of the summer and winter facilities and which has resulted in a significant overall debt”, reads the request for confirmation of the measures.

The total of debts it is by almost 12 million eurosbetween suppliers, banks, loans and the Treasury.

As Ravenna Today writes, the Group has mandated a lawyer to seek a solution to the state of crisis in order to achieve the company’s recovery. One possible solution to the crisis envisaged the continuation of activities for 6 of the group’s facilities, the closure of the others and the payment of any debts incurred.

Fabilia Group Spa in liquidation

At the end of April, however, Mattia Bastoni, the owner of Fabilia, informed the shareholders’ meeting that he would present application for judicial liquidation. The reason expressed in a note from the company: “The negotiations recently conducted with some potential investors have not been successful”. The management, it was announced, “will identify the most suitable crisis solution tool in the light of the new situation that has arisen”.

On Facebook, the Fabilia Hotels & Resorts page bears the wording “Closed permanently”. The last post on the page dates back to March 7, 2023 with an invitation to discover the sea and mountain destinations of the Fabilia universe.

Under the post, dozens of comments from disappointed and angry customers: “Booking made in February and now no one is answering”; “We paid 1,299 euros as a deposit on December 13, 2022 for our holiday with the children July 10-16 in July! […] We are here with two small children with no vacation and no money! […] What do I tell my children? For us, it’s a lot of money and sacrifices”; “Today we too had the bitter discovery… unfortunately we had already paid the full amount”; etc…

How to ask for refunds

Consumer associations invite you to send refund request by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the registered office of the company (Fabilia Group, Via VI Traversa Pineta 16 – 48015 – Cervia – RA), or by PEC to the certified mail address

When a company goes into liquidation, repayments are obtainable compatibly with cash availability. Generally, however, you need to rely on a professional. Federconsumatori is following the story with particular attention: the Association invites you to go to one of its branches or contact the service you are a tourist.

The crisis had begun to bite into the hotel sector well before the pandemic. In 2017 there was a real boom in hotels being auctioned. To give oxygen to the sector in 2020, the relaunch decree provides for a tax cut for hoteliers.

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