Good deal: the VELOBECANE EASY electric bike at a bargain price is the current offer at Cdiscount!

An electric bike is ideal for getting around town on a daily basis. Electric bikes also make it possible to cover more distances and access difficult routes. The VELOBECANE EASY electric bike sees its price go from €1199 to €569 for a limited period at Cdiscount.

If you want to get around by bike without spending too much energy, you can turn to buying an electric bike. The VELOBECANE EASY is a model with a range of up to 40 km depending on the type of road taken. It usually costs 1199 eurosbut thanks to the current discount at Cdiscount, you can acquire it for 569 euros. In addition, this model is eligible for the State’s bicycle bonus worth €400.

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Presentation of the VELOBECANE EASY electric bike

The VELOBECANE EASY electric bike combines comfort and optimal performance with its electric assistance and integrated equipment such as mudguards and a luggage rack. This 7-speed model will make your daily trips to work or around town easier. This versatile bike is equipped with a motor and an 8 Ah Lihtium-ion battery providing you with pedaling assistance which allows you to travel on the most difficult roads or even uphill without any effort. LED lights make you visible at night and signal your position to other users, for maximum safety.

Why opt for the VELOBECANE EASY electrically assisted bicycle?

If you don’t want to waste your time in traffic jams or when looking for a parking space, this electric bike is the perfect means of transport. Its powerful brushless motor accompanies you up to a speed of 25 km/h when you pedal. The disc brakes, front and rear, do not require much maintenance and are above all very ergonomic.

Finally, this electrically assisted bicycle is a 100% Made in France production: its design and assembly were carried out in France, which guarantees you a guarantee of quality.

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