OpenAI Boosts ChatGPT with 70 Plugins and Full Web Access: How to Access It?

OpenAI has just announced the beta release of ChatGPT plugins and web access. ChatGPT Plus subscribers will be able to enrich the chatbot’s responses with a catalog of over 70 third-party plugins.

If you follow the news of ChatGPTChatGPTyou may have already heard of pluginsplugins which add many new features to the chatbotchatbot. Until now they were in version alpha and available only to a small number of individuals who had registered on the waiting list. OpenAI has just announced the passage of the plugins in version beta and wider availability.

This means that now it is possible to use many third-party plugins without registering on the waiting list. Moreover, this beta includes web access, which allows ChatGPT to answer questions with up-to-date information from the Internet.

Plugins yes, but not for everyone

However, to take advantage of it, you will need a ChatGPT Plus subscription, at 24 dollars (including tax) per month. In total, more than 70 plugins can be installed from the OpenAI catalog to use them during conversations with the chatbot. For example, DesignerGPT allows you to create websites, Kayak allows you to plan your vacation, Summarize This summarizes YouTube videos, or Walfram adds advanced mathematical features.

To use the plugins, it will first be necessary to activate the functions beta. Click on your user name at the bottom left, then on ” Settings and select ” Beta features “. Activate the options ” Web browsing » et « Plugins “. To install new plugins, just click on “ Plugins », then on « Plugin Store ».

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