Stop gas boilers in 2029? Not sure, that’s why

A threshold for the energy efficiency of boilers

The EU Commission’s proposal is to set a minimum coefficient for the energy efficiency of the appliances equal to 115%with the aim of phasing out gas technology from the market from 2029. However, modern gas technologies, such as condensation, already offer considerable energy savings and therefore a lower environmental impact when replacing old boilers. (Here we also talked about the EU directive on air conditioners)

In addition, modern gas boilers can be certified to use fuels of bio and renewable origin, thus contributing to the decarbonisation objectives without any negative impact for businesses and consumers. In fact, these alternatives could represent a win-win solution for everyone: the European Commission, citizens and businesses in the sector.

The front of opposites

This is why in Brussels, driven by the grievances of some opposing countries, possible exceptions to the ban are being studied which would represent a revolution not only for consumption in terms of greater sustainability but also for the manufacturing industry.

The contrary countries are Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, the Czech Republic and Croatia. But the draft revision of the regulation has aroused criticism from some countries and operators in the sector, including Proxigas, Assogasliquidi, Assortermica, Federcostruttori and Appia Italia. According to industry associations, in particular, the new Regulation would conflict with the proposed EPBD Directive (the so-called Case Green Directive).

Possible exceptions are studied

The date to be marked in red is the next June 12th, when the final approval will be discussed. The opposing side would like to try to introduce less rigid thresholds, capable of including sustainable but less restrictive green alternatives for the productive industry. For example, allowing the use of hybrid appliances.

The experts will also have to identify the “special situations” in which there is no technical alternative to gas boilers and assess whether the new law should include exceptions to the 115% efficiency threshold.

The final decision on the ban on the sale of gas boilers from September 2029 will therefore depend on the outcome of this discussion.

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