The Eleglide Tankroll electric bike drops in price at Cdiscount

Ideal for daily use in town and elsewhere, the Eleglide Tankroll electric bike sees its price increase from 1399.99 euros to 1059.99 euros for a limited period at Cdiscount. An offer that is eligible for the state bicycle bonus.

If you want to get around by bike without making any particular effort, you can turn to the purchase of an electrically assisted bicycle. The Eleglide Tankroll is a model that displays a range that goes up to 70 km depending on the type of road taken. It usually costs 1399,99 eurosbut thanks to the current discount at Cdiscount, you can acquire it for 1059,99 euros. In addition, this model is eligible for the state bicycle bonus.

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Why choose the Eleglide Tankroll?

The Eleglide Tankroll electric bike is a mountain bike type model: this means that you can use it in town as well as in the countryside and even during your walks in the forest. The fork of the bike is suspended at the front, which allows it to absorb shocks well on rough terrain. When driving on quieter roads, you can lock the suspension. The wide 26-inch CST tires that equip this bike are also designed to go everywhere. The Eleglide Tankroll is therefore a bicycle suitable for all-round use.

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On the electric assistance side, the Eleglide Tankroll respects French regulations: its 250W brushless motor accompanies you up to a speed of 25 km/h when you pedal. To go faster, you can count on the Shimano 7-speed derailleur that equips the bike. The LCD screen on the handlebar gives you all the useful information on speed, level of assistance and remaining autonomy. What to offer you a maximum of freedom, but also an adapted help, during each of your exits.

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