Work: over 200,000 jobs created in four months, driving tourism

Employment continues to increase in our country compared to 2022 and 2019, before the pandemic. In four months they were created 200,000 new jobs, of which 7 out of 10 with permanent contracts. The services sector is the driving force, in particular the turismo.

The data comes from the report of the Ministry of Labour, Anpal and the Bank of Italy on the labor market updated to April 2023.

Fixed-term contracts are growing

The majority of jobs created in March and April were a indefinite time (about 70%). Recourse to fixed-term contracts increased, the balance of which more than doubled compared to the previous two-month period (approximately 35,000 positions from 15,000).

On this recovery, explains the report, influenced the strong growth in the tourism sectorin which short-term employment relationships are more widespread, but also the greater propensity of companies to activate new fixed-term positions, after many had been transformed into permanent ones in 2022. The contribution of apprenticeships was essentially nil.

With the expansion of employment, continues the gradual reduction in the rate of dismissal while resignation, mainly due to transitions from one job to another, remain at higher levels than in the period before the health crisis.

Growing sectors

The demand for labor was driven by services and, above all, by the turismo, where just under 40,000 jobs have been created, corresponding to about a third of the total.

Nell’industry strictly speaking and in buildings employment continued to grow at rates in line with those of the previous two months. The recovery of the manufacturing sectors more energy-intensive, which have benefited from falling energy prices.

Female employment is growing

Female employment is growing again after gender inequalities had widened in the last three years. There is an increase in female employment with 25,000 hires in March and 23,000 hires in April.

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