Apple iPhone 16: an even larger Ultra model in anticipation

While rumors are rife about the iPhone 15 expected next September, let’s take a look today at the future models for the year 2024. For a few weeks now, indiscretions concerning the iPhone 16 have been surfacing. The one of the day concerns the size of the iPhone 16, which could drastically change compared to the format of the current models.

According to the American media 9to5mac, Apple would abandon the 6.7-inch diagonal of the iPhone Pro Max. Far from being revised downwards, the latter would increase to 6.9 inches and thus join the largest devices on the market. By the way, the Max mention would disappear to make way for a new Ultra stamp, which would better correspond to the format of the beast. As 9to5mac points out, if the iPhone 16 Ultra should only grow by 0.2 inches – which is still significant – it would only take a little in width, a good point to offer a correct grip. To get a clearer idea of ​​the size that would be adopted, the iPhone 15 Pro Max should measure 159.8 mm, almost 1 mm less than the iPhone 14 Pro Max. The iPhone 16 Ultra should measure 165 mm, enough to make it one of the most imposing smartphones on the market.

This size change would not only concern the Ultra model, since rumor has it that the iPhone 16 Pro will also sport a diagonal greater than 6.1 inches. It should be equipped with a periscopic photo module, a novelty which should be introduced with the iPhone 15 Pro Max next September.

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