Conflux (CFX) Takes the Attack: 23 Percent Increase

Powered by the rise of Bitcoin (BTC), altcoins are making upward moves, Conflux (CFX) has risen 23 percent in the last 24 hours.

After BTC disrupted the falling trend structure, it was almost a spring mood for altcoins. Testing $27,500 from $26,800, BTC finally ended its stable movements. The crypto investor, who has not tended to buy altcoins for a while, turned to altcoins again after this move of BTC. CFX, which has come to the fore with its sharp rises from time to time, has increased by 23.08 percent in the last 24 hours and managed to become the second highest rising altcoin of the day.

Conflux (CFX) Chart Analysis

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Starting from $ 0.227 to $ 0.35 in a short time, CFX continues to make a name for itself with its voluminous rises. CFX, which has increased by 23 percent in the last day, is trading above the weekly, monthly and annual opening price. In order for the increases on the CFX side to continue, the resistances of $0.33 – $0.36 – $0.43 can be followed, respectively.

In the rapidly rising CFX, the sales wave has not started yet. In a market where BTC turns its course downwards or there is fud news, a test may occur for CFX to the supports of $ 0.287 – $ 0.247 and $ 0.227, respectively.

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