Fiorentina-Inter, how much is the Coppa Italia worth? The prize

The countdown is now winding down and Fiorentina and Inter are ready to challenge each other in the final for the Coppa Italia 2022/23. For both it is an opportunity to get their hands on the coveted national trophy, but above all to get involved in view of the two European finals that will arrive in June, that of the Conference League against West Ham for Viola and that of the Champions League against Manchester City for the Nerazzurri.

But the Coppa Italia is worth much more than just the trophy and glory. Both in terms of classification, but also and above all in economic terms. How much wins who gets their hands on the Coppa Italia Frecciarossa?

Italian Cup Final, what is it worth

On the one hand, a team that boasts eight in its showcase and that won the last one just a year ago against Juventus. On the other, a historic Italian football club that hasn’t gotten their hands on the trophy for 22 years and is hunting for a seventh title. In short, Inter and Fiorentina have plenty of reasons to battle it out at the Olimpico where the Coppa Italia final will be staged on Wednesday 24 May, starting at 9pm.

A trophy that for the first time in history gives theaccess to the final four for the Italian Super Cupwith Inter and Fiorentina who will once again find themselves on the path to the title which first faced the winner of the Cup and the club that has sewn the Italian flag on itself.

But beyond that, the Coppa Italia means so much more. Whoever wins, in fact, has a guaranteed place in the2023-2024 Europa League if not directly qualified via league. A tempting opportunity therefore for Fiorentina who are currently 11th in the league and have double match points at their disposal. The first is precisely the Italian Cup final, the second instead the Conference League final on 7 June against West Ham which can be followed in streaming on Dazn.

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But the Coppa Italia also delivers a substantial cash prize. The winner of the tournament, in fact, wins approx 7.5 million euros which come from the 3 million earned up to the semi-final and an additional 4.5 million euros in case of victory in the final. Consolation prize for the loser who still pockets 2 million euros for participation in the final, plus the 3 million mentioned. To this must then be added the share of receipts from ticketing revenues from the Olimpico match, divided between the club and the League.

Where to see Fiorentina-Inter in the Italian Cup

But where will it be possible to watch the Italian Cup final? This year the Coppa Italia Frecciarossa is a Mediaset exclusive, so the final will be visible in the clear and in streaming.

The appointment is therefore set for Wednesday 24 May 2023 at 21 on Canale 5alternatively you can stream it on Mediaset Infinity.

As mentioned, however, this is only the first final for the two teams, with Conference and Champions League upcoming commitments for Fiorentina and Inter.

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