Juventus, Elkann wants Serie B: the plan to sell

The situation at Juventus is tense to say the least, at the end of a season that had nothing “regular” for the Bianconeri. Allegri’s statements, in response to Szczesny’s words, who complained about the second consecutive season without trophies, are proof of this.

The corporate maneuvers have had a clear impact on the season’s progress and now we wonder what the future will be for the Bianconeri on the pitch, as well as in the club’s offices. There new penaltymade official within minutes of Empoli-Juve, is only an initial piece in a mosaic still to be composed.

Juventus, new penalty: what UEFA will decide

The judges of the Federal Court of Appeal have sentenced Juventus to one penalty of 10 points in the standings. A very hard blow, one step away from Empoli-Juventus, whose result (4-1 for the Tuscans, ed) did nothing but exacerbate the already delicate situation.

The Serie A standings today see i black and white in seventh place, after having failed to overtake against Rome and Atalanta. Outside Europe, for the moment, but not mathematically, with two races still to go. The calculations do not even exclude the Champions League, even if a perfect astral conjuncture would be needed. The Europa League is definitely more within reach, as is the Conference League, but fans, players and clubs are awaiting UEFA’s decision regarding the European competitions, from which Juve could be excluded for a few years.

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An existing situation, therefore, far from concluded, with 15 June representing the next important date for the Turin club. In fact, the hearing of the second line has been set, linked to the complex case of salary maneuvers and the system created.

Juventus in Serie B

We have often talked about risk forced relegation to Serie B for Juventus in recent months. A possibility that should not be completely excluded, considering the charges against the club. The Juventus fans would thus relive a nightmare, waiting to understand if there really are possibility of a revival in the coming years.

Paolo Ziliani expressed his opinion on the series B hypothesis on Daily fact, lifting the veil on what could be a potential strategy by John Elkann. We start from some facts, namely the refused plea deal with the FIGC and the failed attempt to mend the relationship with UEFA after the Superlega project.

Andrea Agnelli’s departure would have given the possibility of reopening a dialogue, but this was not the case. The reason? It would be to be traced in the alleged Elkann’s intention to withdraw Juve from the Stock Exchange.

Too much has happened to continue to keep the stock alive, the value of which continues to fall. This may not be a bad thing in an absolute sense, with Exor already owning 64% and potentially ready to buy back all the shares. The goal would therefore be to be able to make a “minimum expenditure”.

In the next few years we could therefore see Juventus in Serie B, downsized, out of the stock exchange and excluded from Europe. There are all the conditions for an attempt at rebirth from the ashes, taking the first steps from below. All to come back stronger than before? The fans wish it but for John Elkann the goal would be to make the brand attractive again and finally sell.

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