Like the identity card, the driving license will have its digital double on smartphones

The sometimes decried transition to all-digital is well underway and it will soon be possible to present your identity papers directly from your smartphone in the event of an inspection. While the identity card is in beta phase and the Vitale card should be integrated into our smartphones at the end of 2025, it is the turn of the driving license to benefit from its digital double.

If it is not uncommon to leave home without a wallet, the smartphone has become essential. Therefore, in addition to being practical, the dematerialized driving license should replace its paper version for certain administrative procedures, freeing its holder from having to scan or photograph it.

The traditional license retains its value

Unsurprisingly, this digital document will be stored in the Wallet tab of the France Identity app, currently in beta phase. The National Agency for Secured Documents (ANTS) has not yet revealed a date for commissioning, but the first experiments will take place in Hauts-de-Seine, Rhône and Eure-et-Loir during the third quarter of 2023.

During a roadside check, the police will be able, using a NEO (New Operational Equipment) smartphone, to check the identity and validity of the driver’s right to drive.

This digital driving license will not completely replace the old formats. The three-part license, famous pink paper, or the license in credit card format, will always be necessary to carry out certain procedures, such as renting a vehicle abroad.

France Identity

France Identity

France Identity is the new digital identity service developed by the French Government which takes a further step towards digital security and allows you to prove your identity without disclosing our private data.

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