MG Motor and Chargemap join forces to promote electric mobility

MG Motor and Chargemap join forces to facilitate electric mobility in France. As part of its development on the French market, MG Motor has chosen to collaborate with Chargemap, by providing French customers with a charging card, without the need for a subscription.

MG and Chargmap join forces

Thanks to this association, MG customers will benefit from a pass compatible with the Chargemap mobile application. This combination will allow them to locate the charging stations available in their immediate environment in real time, since the application gives access to a map of the networks of electrical charging stations and to a community which provides real-time alerts on the status of said charging stations. To date, Chargemap has just over 1.5 million subscribers in Europe.

The manufacturer announces that 80,000 charging points are compatible in France, which represents just over 93% of the national total. This coverage not only includes local charging station networks, but also fast charging stations such as Ionity, Tesla, Freshmile, Shell Recharge, Total Energies and Fastned.

MG and Chargmap join forces

For professionals, MG provides an MG Business card which gives access to the Chargemap Business platform. This provides access, from a dedicated interface, to real-time information on charging data for employees’ MG company vehicles at public stations. This solution also provides access to a centralized view of all expenses related to recharging a fleet.

The MG recharge card is available now at participating dealerships and will be given to each customer taking possession of their new MG. For current customers wishing to obtain this card, it will be available in the MG Motor France network at the price of 15 €.

As a reminder, the ChargeMap Pass card is available for €19.90, to be paid once and for all and without subscription. The usage cost is about 10% of the charge price. MG does not specify whether these usage fees are offered with the MG Pass card.

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