OKX Applies to France for Approval

Popular crypto exchange OKFrança’ya regulator approval applied for.

The crypto pressures in the USA and the crypto regulations that have started to be enacted in Europe continue to affect the agenda. especially Europe, MiCA With its regulations, it started to attract the attention of crypto organizations. Europe union from France, MiCAwill accept and Close to 100 crypto organizations He said he would license it.

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crypto exchange OKwhich exhibits a warmer crypto approach than the US França’ya regulator approval for applied.

OKX Wants to Open an Office in Paris

Popular crypto exchanges OKhas applied to France within the framework of regulatory approval. Moreover OKthe capital of france ParisHe wants to open an office in

paris okx france

BloombergCrypto platform is a digital asset service provider in France (DASP) plans to become registered as

Apart from regulatory approval, the stock exchange also plans to open an office in Paris, and is considering establishing its European headquarters in this city. France‘s warm approach towards crypto and the oppressive attitude of the USA seem to have been effective in this decision. OKbecame one of the crypto organizations that chose France as their European base.

BloombergSpeaking to , the spokesperson in France about to 100 employees He added that they aim to reach

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