Why Is Render Token (RNDR) Rising? 23 May 2023

Render Token (RNDR) continues to rise without slowing down, how is the RNDR graphic, which is at the top with its increase today?

Render Token’da (RNDR) buyers continue to dominate. The popular coin, which has increased by 630 percent since the beginning of the year, has increased by 7.74 percent today and approached the peak. RNDR, one of the fastest recovering altcoins after the drops in Bitcoin, continues to attract the attention of investors. But can RNDR continue to rise?

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Render Token (RNDR) Graphic Analysis

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RNDR, which has been among the most rising coins of the day for weeks, has started to attack again in the last hours. RNDR, which has risen by 46.43% in the last week, continues to be at the top of the altcoins list. RNDR, which is spoken by many popular names on social media, has gained 12 percent in the last 24 hours. Can the popular coin, which is currently buying at $2.60, continue its rise?

When we examine the 4-hour chart of RNDR, the clear data for resistance levels are based on price movements in the past. The RNDR, which has just started to make a name for itself, may target the $2,948 resistance as long as it holds above $2.60. According to the reactions in this range, the $3.30 level for RNDR can be followed. If the downtrend starts, the $2.46 – 2.19 – 2.10 – 1.84 and $1.65 levels can be followed as support in the RNDR, respectively.

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