Copilot: the AI-powered personal assistant will land in Windows 11

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Exit l’assistant CortanaCortana, MicrosoftMicrosoft will deploy its new assistant called Copilot to Windows 11. Doped with AI, it will be similar to the assistant found on EdgeEdge or even in the applicationsapplications Office.

It will be accessible from the taskbar. This side column will remain active at all times so that it can be used at any time. It is possible to ask him to summarize a displayed document, or to explain it, for example. The sidebar resembles that of Bing Chat.

Demo of the arrival of Copilot in Windows 11. © Microsoft

It should be remembered that Copilot will not directly replace the search tool in the taskbar. Like Cortana in its time, it will be accessible right next to it by clicking on a dedicated button. The wizard can also be used to make system settings since it is fully integrated. It will also be possible to integrate the plug-insplug-ins written for Bing or ChatGPTChatGPT. Copilot will be tested during the month of June before being deployed for all.

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