Flood, Laura Pausini announces maxi donation: here’s what she will do

Despite being far from her own land, Laura Pausini has never left her with her heart. The flood that hit Emilia-Romagna has placed her in a complex condition, physically unable to intervene to try to lend a hand, rolling up her sleeves. But she chose to act through their music, making people in need feel support. An extensive list which also includes the parents of the singer.

While the volunteers shovel the mud and try, together with the citizens, to bring the situation back to normal as much as possible, Laura Pausini has published some announcements that have already been around the web, exalting her fans.

Laura Pausini, cachet for charity

Laura Pausini had said it and kept her word. She had asked through her official Instagram profile how she could offer her help. Only a few days have passed since then and here is the answer.

The famous singer has decided to donate its cachet to the affected populations from the flood in Emilia-Romagna, to its people and family. An unquantified figure, of course, but which amounts to the expected earnings for the artist per ben three special concertswhich will be held in Venice: “I’m back on stage after four years and I want to do it by dedicating my voice to my people”.

Not just words and online announcements, therefore, Laura Pausini has really rolled up her sleeves, acting in the first person. The three Venetian concerts are scheduled for 30 June, 1 and 2 July. Money that will be directed precisely to as many municipalities, that of Solarolowhere she grew up, of Castelbolognesewhere his parents live, and of Faiencewhere she was born and where her sister currently still lives.

Laura Pausini: big concert for Emilia-Romagna

It is evident how the flood in Emilia-Romagna has deeply affected Laura Pausini. A very harsh attack on her family, in a strict and broad sense. Her people suffer from her and she has decided to do something that goes beyond the choice of donating three cachets to charity.

In fact, it was the first to respond positively to the proposal of the mayors of the municipalities affected by the flood. Let’s talk about a solidarity concert, My Romagnawhich will see famous names of Italian music alternate on stage.

A name chosen not at home, of course, since citizens engaged in the mud are generally singing this well-known folk song to keep their spirits up. A date has already been set, the August 5thand the location will be Imola.

Laura Pausini will be there at Music Valley – Romagna Mia Live Charity Concert (this is the full name, ed). Tickets will be on sale in the coming weeks to take part in a historic, organized event at the Enzo and Dino Ferrari international racetrack. The recall of the cause will not concern only Italian but also international artists.

The accession of was not long in coming Samuel Bersani: “Romagna needs everyone. We are waiting for you”. However, they were not the only ones to move, far from it. Waiting to discover the complete list, among Italians and not only, the presence of Vasco Rossi and Gianni Morandi, already active on social networks for the cause, cannot be excluded.

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