Gemini Plans to Open Center in the UK

Gemini’s founding partners, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, stated that they are considering opening a center in England.

The billionaire brothers head to the UK to open a second headquarters after the US crackdown on digital assets. The twins this week to discuss a possible Gemini move to London UK Financial Executive Authority (FCA) ve Bank of England met with.

Gemini Evaluates Other Countries

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In addition to London, the Winklevoss brothers are also exploring options to expand the company to Hong Kong and Dubai.

Many US crypto companies, such as Gemini, are complaining about the increasingly difficult regulatory environment after FTX’s bankruptcy. Commenting on the subject Cameron Winklevoss: “There is so much wind in the US right now that it’s hard to do anything there. Therefore, we should look to other countries to continue to develop our business and invest in recruiting.” Cameron Winklevoss continued: “The UK is a great market to consider this. There are countries outside the US in the future where we will have more employees than in the US and have a larger jurisdiction than the US.

Saying that they did not leave the USA and that they will continue to fight there, Cameron said: “Whether you call it a second headquarters or a global headquarters, we are looking at places like the UK and trying to understand how we can invest more here.”

Referring to a recent report by British lawmakers comparing the crypto sector to gambling Tyler Winklevossstated that he had reservations about inconsistent behavior towards cryptocurrency companies. “We’ve voiced our concerns about the inconsistency because we want to continue doubling this market,” Tyler said.

According to the statements made, the twins are also considering countries such as Ireland, Switzerland, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Singapore and Hong Kong to establish an epicenter.

Mark Zuckerberg The twins, who went to Harvard University at the same time as Zuckerberg, Facebook In 2008, they won $65 million in damages by suing for allegedly stealing his idea.

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