Good deal – The various Bosch FreshUp BPR11EE “5-star” household appliances at €149.99 (-25%)

In 2022, Bosch is innovating with a product that could not be more atypical: a pocket clothes freshener designed to eliminate bad odors from textiles. This nomadic object uses plasma technology to break the bonds between odorous molecules.

With its FreshUp, Bosch transforms the test. This audacious, atypical product dedicated to linen care highlights a new technology which, during our tests, has proven itself. If plasma can do nothing against stains, even light and lightly encrusted, its effectiveness on odors is such that it can objectively delay laundry washing sessions – which in the long run alter the quality of textiles.

Points forts

  • Practical, light and nomadic product.
  • Carrying case.
  • Long autonomy.
  • Efficiency with all odors.

Weak points

  • Smell of laundry from the action of plasma.

NB: The reported price drop is calculated by comparing the lowest price of the day with the average of the lowest prices charged by all merchants for the product last month, with security rules to exclude prices from shops whose the VAT policy is not clear (known as “grey” shops, typically in the case of imports from China).

An alternative

The Samsung motorized double mop improves the versatility of the Jet 70 and 90 stick vacuums by transforming them into quite efficient floor cleaners. The pads do their job well and can overcome small daily stains. Main weakness of this mop: it ignores a water projection system and clean and dirty water tanks, which forces the user to intervene to moisten and wring his pads. It is hoped that the next version will correct this absence.

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