Netflix, we change: definitive stop to shared subscription outside the family

This was discussed last October, now the novelty becomes operational: “password sharing”, i.e. the sharing of the subscription to Netflix outside the family unit. The account shared with friends, acquaintances or distant relatives will soon be a memory in Italy too.

In fact, Netflix has already started sending emails to Italian subscribers to clarify that the account (as the contractual terms and conditions already provided) can only be shared between people who live together and are part of the same household.

Email to subscribers

This is the text of the communication to subscribers: “Your Netflix account is reserved for you and for those who live with you, in other words your household. You can easily watch Netflix on the go or travel, on your personal devices or on the TV in a hotel or vacation rental. To check how your Netflix account is being used: Check which devices have access to your account. Sign out of your account on devices that shouldn’t have access and consider changing your password.”

The ‘household’

People who are not part of the same household will need to register their own account. Access defines the ‘household’ to the same basic internet connection, the one to which the TV where the household will be set is connected. All other devices using your Netflix account on the same Internet connection as this TV will automatically belong to the same Netflix household.

Additional cost

The users (and therefore the devices) of the nucleus registered in this way will then be able to watch Netflix even when traveling or on vacation. While for all the others (friends, family or acquaintances not belonging to the household) there will be two options: make a new Netflix subscription for a new household or buy an extra user at the additional cost of 4.99 euros per month.

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