OKX Exchange’s SUI Campaign Heats the Agenda

OKOrganized by Sui (SUI) campaign heated the agenda with negative feedback from some users.

Entry into the crypto industry Sui, gained popularity in a short time and began to build a community. Project token SUIhas made a name for itself by being listed on many stock exchanges. listing the SUI one of the stock markets OKstated that it will distribute SUI by organizing a campaign.

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The Exchange is open to users who meet the required participation conditions. Said he would deploy SUI. However, some users claimed that they could not get the reward they deserved from the campaign. Cointelegraph Türkiyecompiled complaints and OKX Global with OKX Türkiyereached .

OKX Türkiye: SUI Deployment Continues

Sui, who made a bomb entrance into the crypto industry (SUI), quickly became popular. The project, which attracts investors with its successive stock market listings, has recently been involved in a different subject. Cointelegraph Türkiyediscussed OKX’s SUI campaign, one of the hot topics on the agenda.

crypto exchange OKto users who meet the necessary conditions SUI organized a campaign to distribute. Participation in this campaign was quite high. Among the campaign conditions determined by OKX; There are details such as opening an account with a referral code, trading more than 100 USDT during the campaign, not withdrawing money from the stock market until the end of the campaign on 7 May.

Users who fulfill all these conditions, Waiting for SUI to deploy. However, some users began to report complaints that they did not receive the reward they deserved.

Crypto phenomena Efloudin a tweet SUI shed light on his agenda. Ata Paykoç In this case, he is among the names that support the community.

In the middle of a hot agenda OKX MENA region Business Development Leader Sheriff Ali Enessaid the following on the subject;

As each exchange applies in each campaign, the reward distribution was made to the “qualified” users after risk control. It is stated in the rules that users participating in the campaign must do this from only one account. Although users are prohibited from opening more than one account; it was found that some users did not comply with it.

A lot of criticism came to this statement made on Twitter. One of these criticisms hakoi_ta Came from user. This user He replied to Enes:;

Well, as a partner, while a user who became a member with my reference and participated in the campaign with my link benefited from the Sui award, why wasn’t I given a distribution while I was supposed to win a part of his award due to the competition?

While the agenda maintains this warmth, Cointelegraph Türkiye, OKX Global ve OKX TürkiyeRequested a response on the subject. In the response from the Türkiye team, SUI It was stated that the distribution process is continuing and has not yet been concluded. Türkiye teamstated that they heard the complaints of the users and they are working on a solution that will satisfy everyone.

A press release from OKX came to the heat of the event. The crypto exchange stated in its press release:

To the knowledge of the public;

We closely follow the allegations that some OKX users in the Turkish community are unable to use the tokens obtained from the OKX SUI Token Promotion Campaign on the Twitter platform.

At this point, it has been determined that some users do not comply with the terms and conditions of the campaign and are not eligible to receive the tokens due to the risk control process carried out by OKX. While OKX has two SUI Token Campaigns, different eligibility criteria and terms and conditions must be followed for each campaign.

As OKX, we carefully review user feedback. With the hard work of our customer service team, we follow each user individually to understand the concerns and comments about the campaign and payment. We continue to actively review the feedback submitted to us. In the event that additional information becomes available, we will continue to provide updates on the subject in accordance with our transparency policy.

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