Weather, what the weather will really be like in June, July and August

We recall that these are projections, which will be updated and perfected, so to speak, over the next few weeks. All of this, however, offers a general overview of what Italy will have to face in principle in the next three months. In summary, summer 2023 will have above average temperatures, even if below last year’s records. It will be a crescendo to the peaks of August, which will see a decrease in rainfall trendsafter the frequent episodes in June and the slow decline in July.

We shouldn’t experience heat waves over the next month, considering how the thermal anomaly, in general, seems to materialize in around +1°C. An average valid mainly for the regions of Central-Northern Italy, with possible higher elevations in the South.

On the other hand, the situation regarding August 2023 is different, which will have temperatures above the average throughout the peninsula, including the islands. The heat waves could be a problem which to deal with in a repeated and constant way, unlike precipitation. In fact, these will be sporadic and of low intensity. Nothing alarming, therefore, which represents a source of relief especially for the territories already extensively affected and damaged, such as Emilia-Romagna and beyond. The weather will therefore offer a respite, therefore, also to guarantee the necessary reconstruction times.

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