Bridge over the Strait will be built, Salvini celebrates: “it will bring 100,000 jobs”

Today was “a historic day”: with these words the Minister of Infrastructure Matthew Salvini celebrates the go-ahead for the conversion into law of the decree on the bridge over the Strait of Messina, to the applause of the centre-right.

Bridge over the Strait will be done

Yesterday afternoon, in fact, the Senate floor approved with 103 votes in favour, 49 against and three abstentions the provision, which had been approved in the Chamber on 16 May last, which defines, among other things, the structure of the Stretto di Messina Spa company and restarts the planning and design activities.

In the press conference convened immediately afterwards, the Minister explained that “the works will start by the summer of 2024 and end in 2030″. The bridge, he added “it will save Sicilians 6 billion euros and will bring 100,000 jobs. They will shrink itungodly journey and the environment will gain”. “It is not about the Messina Bridge – concluded Salvini – but about the Italian Bridge”.

Salvini celebrates

Salvini defined the bridge over the Strait of Messina as a work that “It will be studied all over the world by engineering students and I am proud of it”. The Minister added that the bridge represents “just compensation to Calabria and Sicily, after 50 years of broken promises” and “unites the whole country”.

Going into more detail, for the construction of the bridge over the Strait of Messina, the next steps are “the appointment of the company’s Board of Directors” which was reactivated with the decree just approved by the Senate. The definitive ok to the decree, he said, “is a fundamental step, because without the Strait of Messina company there would be no one to work on the bridge”.

The next steps

“With the next manoeuvre, in the autumn – added the Minister – the first appropriations will be provided for the start of the works. The cost of the work envisaged in the Def is approximately 14 billion. Updated studies are underway.” The Minister concluded by saying that the bridge over the Strait of Messina will also become “a tourist attraction, will bring an induced tourism”, anticipating the intention to make the work “visitable.

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