Clamorous mistake at the ATM, the bank can punish customers

Always having cash in your pocket never hurts, even if for years now more and more Italians have relied on card payment instead of walking around the street with a wallet full of banknotes for fear of being robbed. But having some change, as mentioned, is always a good thing, even if finding a withdrawal counter can often be a difficult undertaking.

In short, between those who are not from our reference bank, to avoid paying extra commissions, and those who are out of service, even getting cash is not easy. However, it happens that a great stroke of luckas happened to some customers of a bank in Italy who, however, now have to deal with the wrath of the branch.

More money from the ATM, what happened

Some citizens of Lozzo Atesino, in the province of Padua, were in fact the protagonists of a particular “gift” from a bank. In fact, several customers took advantage of a sensational mistake by the employees to pocket more than the amount actually withdrawn.

In what sense? Let’s rewind the tape. Last Monday, after a weekend of high activity, a bank in the Padua area found itself having to top up the withdrawal counter located outside the structure. The ATM was then recharged and went into operation after a short period of maintenance, thus returning to full service shortly after.

The office was open as normal and the day went on, but in the meantime the great hoax for the bank was being played out at the counter. Several customers, in fact, by withdrawing at the counter they were given more money than they should have. Due to a serious mistake of a hasty employee, in fact, the 5 euro banknotes had been placed in the drawer usually used for 20 euro banknotes0 and vice versa, with numerous customers who then withdrew and received more money than they should.

Those who had withdrawn 60 euros, for example, instead of finding three 20-euro notes received three 50-notes for a total of 150 euros and a shortage of 90 euros for the bank. There were ten operations “indicted” before the sensational gaffe was discovered.

How the error was discovered

And to discover it, despite himself, it was a customer of the bank. Going to withdraw 100 euros, instead of receiving his two 50 euro banknotes, the victim found himself with only 40 euros in his hand. Out of money? Nobecause availability was correctly given at the counter.

The customer then entered the branch to report the incident to the cashiers who, by carrying out checks on availability at the counter, revealed the mistake.

What happens now

The search for who withdrew and obtained the wrong amount then started from the unfortunate customer. As mentioned, about ten operations were performed, for one total shortage between 600 and 700 euros.

The bank then proceeded to contact customers to get the extra amount back, with the threat that if they are not returned, they will still be deducted from the account. So no more a “gift” from the bank.

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