Contaminated mozzarella, cured meats and cheeses: the marked lots

Between 22 and 24 May, the Ministry of Health published a whole series of call back reporting lots of mozzarella, cured meats and cheeses, withdrawn from supermarkets because they are contaminated.

The reasons for the stop to sales are different, ranging from the possible presence of allergens to the risk of listeria. But let’s go in order.

Mortadella and bacon withdrawn from supermarkets

The first recall, published by the Ministry of Health on May 22, concerns several batches of mortadella sold in supermarkets but reported – following special checks – for possible presence of allergens.

Specifically, they have been withdrawn from trade and block sales of the following products:

  • Mortadella of the brand “The cold cuts” of the Salumificio Fratelli Riva Spa, leight of production 95277, identification mark of the establishment/producer IT 1316L CE, headquarters Via Rossini 10 Molteno (LC) 23847, reason for the recall “Possible presence of pistachio not indicated among the ingredients and allergens”. The packs indicated in this case are those of 100 grams and those of 120 grams;
  • “Strafette” brand mortadellaname of the OSA Italy DS crl, production lot 95277identification mark of the plant/producer IT 1316L CE, name of the producer Salumificio Fratelli Riva Spa, headquarters Via Rossini 10 Molteno (LC) 23847, weight 140 grams, reason for the recall “possible presence of pistachio not indicated among the ingredients and allergens ”.

Among the cured meats withdrawn with a subsequent reminder from the ministry published on May 24, this time for presence of listeriathere are also packs of salty and rustic bacon:

  • product brand and identification of the “Salumificio Bonalumi” plant;
  • name OSA Salumificio Bonalumi SRL;
  • production batch 03-27-2023;
  • producer Salumificio Bonalumi via del Chiosco n. 4 – 24030 Mozzo (BG);
  • shelf life 90 days of packaging, sold in variable sizes and by weight;

The products, if purchased (both cured meats therefore, both mortadella and bacon) must not be consumed but returned to the shop or supermarket that sold them to request reimbursement of the expense (here how to request it)

Mozzarella and gorgonzola withdrawn from supermarkets

For the presence of Listeria Monocytogenes on 3 of 5 samples of mgoat cheese the product of m was also reported by the ministry of healtharchive Cascina Bosco Gerolo marketed by Cascina Bosco Gerolo Soc. Agr. srl:

  • production batch 10-05-2023;
  • identification mark of the establishment/manufacturer IT 081115 CE;
  • name of the producer Cascina Bosco Gerolo Soc. Agr. srl based in Gerolo 29029 Rivergaro (PC);
  • expiry date or minimum retention period 05-30-2023;
  • description weight/volume sales unit 100g/200g/1kg.

Subsequently, the calls from the Ministry of Health also affected the packs of gorgonzola. Specifically, the following products were withdrawn from supermarkets:

  • of the brand “Letters from Italy”with the sales denomination “GORGONZOLA DOP DOLCE LETTERE DALL’ITALIA”;
  • belonging to production lots 10427001- 10427002 – 10421004;
  • manufacturer IGOR SRL based in Strada Natale Leonardi 32, 28062 Cameri (NO) of the IT 01 124 CE plant;
    with expiry 24-05-2023 and variable weight.

The reason for the recall is the possible presence of Listeria Monocytogenesa bacterium that can cause listeriosis (here we have explained what are the risks for humans and subjects more at risk than others), a serious infection usually resulting from the ingestion of contaminated food.

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