Don’t miss the National Geology Days from May 26 to 28, 2023

If volcanoes, continental drift, rocks and fossils, mountains and blue holes or even earthquakes and reversals of the Earth’s magnetic field fascinate you, don’t miss the fifth edition of National Geology Days. Many events near you await you from May 26 to 28, 2023.

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April 21, 2023 at National Museum of Natural HistoryNational Museum of Natural Historythe Institute of physiquephysique du globe de Paris (IPGP) devoted a scientific day to discussing the major challenges to come in Earth and planetary sciences. It was the occasion to celebrate the centenary of the IPGP, one of the institutes of physics of the globe which was founded in 1921 by the French geophysicists Charles Maurain and Edmond Rothé. The others are in Strasbourg and Clermont-Ferrand (since renamed the Clermont-Ferrand Earth Physics Observatory-OPGC).

Geosciences are not only exciting in themselves, just think of volcanology and oceanography as they were shown to the French by a Haroun Tazieff and a Jacques-Yves Cousteau, but they are essential to meet the challenges of the environment, theenergyenergy and materials that the noosphere must solve in this XXIe century. We can convince ourselves of this by watching the videos of the day of April 21 but also the new MoocMooc “Our Planet”, produced by the IPGP and University of Paris, which aims to discover or rediscover the history and geological activity of our Earth in the Solar systemSolar system.

Discover in this video all the activities of this prestigious higher education and research establishment. © Institute of Earth Physics of Paris

However, as explained on the blogblog placed at his disposal by Futura the well-known volcanologist Jacques-Marie Bardintzeff, ” the National Geology Days (5th edition) are organized everywhere in France, on May 26, 27 and 28, 2023, on the initiative of the Geological Society of France. It will be Earth Sciences Day! In 2022, more than 150 events (field trips, visits, workshops, exhibitions, conferences) for the general public brought together more than 3,400 participants throughout France (mainland and DROM) ».

Did you know ?

The Institut de physique du globe de Paris is a world-renowned geoscience research institute, founded in 1921, and associated with the CNRS. Establishment-component of Paris Cité University, it brings together more than 500 people, and covers all disciplines of earth and planetary sciences via observation, experimentation and modelling, at all time and space scales.

The research themes are structured around 4 major unifying themes: Interiors of the Earth and planets, Natural risks, Earth system, Origins. The IPGP is also in charge of labeled services in volcanology, seismology, magnetism, gravimetry and erosion. In particular, the permanent observatories of the IPGP monitor the 4 French active volcanoes overseas in Guadeloupe, Martinique, Reunion and Mayotte (Revosima).

Geology for all

The site of the Geological Society of France explains, meanwhile, that ” at a time when our Planet is at the heart of everyone’s concerns, the Société Géologique de France (SGF) wishes to mobilize, once a year, all the players in the Geosciences of our territory so that they can discover, at the greater number, the beauty and history of our landscapes and the riches of our Earth. It seems essential to us to help citizens get to know it better, to understand its activity, its permanent evolution, the natural phenomena that people have to deal with and realize that it conceals resources that Man could not do without today. today in his daily life.

In 2023, the National Geology Days will take place from May 26 to 28, 2023, including Fridays, to allow schoolchildren, middle and high school students, students and their teachers to fully benefit from the activities and visits offered locally.

It is a question of organizing, during these 3 days, a local event, if possible accessible free of charge to the public, in order to make discover the geodiversity of our landscapes, our coasts and even our cities. These events can take various forms: excursion/field trip, geological walk to discover the stones of your city’s buildings, conference, film screening, exhibition, exceptional opening of a museum or quarry…

The objective is obviously that these proposals cover most of the French territory (including the DOM-TOMs) and that we succeed in raising public awareness of the understanding of geological phenomena, the protection of our heritage and the enhancement of underground resources ».

The new MOOC “Our Planet”, produced by the IPGP and University of Paris, aims to discover or rediscover the history and geological activity of our Earth in the solar system. This Mooc is for anyone interested in Earth sciences and wishing to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the Planet on which we live. This course is also very suitable for high school students, undergraduate and master’s students in Earth sciences wishing to strengthen their knowledge on the subject. Completely free, just register on the FUN platform. © Institute of Earth Physics of Paris

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