Green Deal vote, the Ursula majority is gone. EU veers right?

The European Commission was rejected by the vote in Parliament one of the main proposals on sustainability in the context of the ‘Green Deal’, the plan for the energy transition. Populars (Ppe) and liberals (Re) have in fact allied with conservatives (Ecr) and sovereignists (Id) by sending a clear political signal to the community executive: the so-called “majority Ursula”, who supported the current Commission, is faltering. And all the more reason the rapprochement maneuvers between the Populars and the Conservatives continue which could lead to a changing of the guard in the European elections scheduled for June 2024, of which the vote in question could be the first sign. So a European Union that is ready to shift its political center of gravity to the center-right, with Manfred Weber (Popular) who has been talking to for weeks Giorgia Meloni (head of the Conservatives) to cut out the Socialists.

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