Philips back on the robot vacuum market with two new ranges

Philips is not new to suction. Indeed, we tend to forget it, but robot vacuum cleaners have already appeared in the manufacturer’s catalog. Disappearing models of radars, which are now replaced by two new ranges of devices.

HomeRun 7000 Series Aqua: a range that catches the eye

This is the manufacturer’s most advanced range. Composed of three robots, it relies on a complete navigation system. On the hood of the vacuum cleaners, a laser rangefinder takes place and scans the environment at 360°, to determine the distance which separates it from obstacles and the best route to take. Added to this are various sensors. Among them, six anti-fall sensors punctuate the shock park and the belly of the robots.

Above all, the vacuum cleaners are equipped with eight ToF sensors and a 3D ToF sensor. Concretely, this Time Of Flight (ToF) lens measures the distance between the device and the elements that surround it in order to calibrate the environment and better manage obstacles. Thanks to these technologies, according to Philips, the three robots would be able to avoid small objects.

To pick up dust, the HomeRun 7000 Series Aqua offers a suction power of 5000 Pa. The central brush combines nylon bristles and rubber blades and swallows the dust sent to it by the side brush. A 300 ml dust collector is responsible for receiving them.

Coupled with the latter, a tank can store up to 240 ml of water. Because yes, Philips wanted versatile robot vacuum cleaners, which can take on a floor washing function. To do this, the three models can be equipped with a vibrating mop. In this regard, the manufacturer would like to point out that this equipment would be sufficient to clean an area of ​​130 m².

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In any case, the battery would offer 3 hours of work for a full charge.

HomeRun 7000 Series Aqua robots are available in black or white; this latest version can also be delivered with a docking station. The base ensures the automatic emptying of the dust collector thanks to a 3 l disposable bag and therefore avoids regular maintenance of the robot.

No prices or release date have yet been announced.

HomeRun 3000 Series Aqua: support for daily maintenance

Philips HomeRun 3000 Series Aqua XU3110/02

Introductory price €679.99

Philips HomeRun 3000 Series Aqua XU3110/02

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Philips HomeRun 3000 Series Aqua XU3000/01

Introductory price €499.99

Philips HomeRun 3000 Series Aqua XU3000/01

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Alongside these three models, Philips offers two others belonging to the 3000 Series range. The main difference between these two collections lies mainly in a less advanced navigation system. If the laser rangefinder still spins on the heads of the two robots, they lose three anti-fall sensors and ToF sensors. Without these, vacuum cleaners lack precision and can be more easily in difficulty in the face of obstacles: the distance between them is less well assessed and small objects will for sure be ignored – and therefore swallowed.

The suction power loses its superb and drops to 4000 Pa. But it is above all the capacities of the washing function which are revised downwards. While the three HomeRun 7000 Series Aqua models benefit from a vibrating mop, the HomeRun 3000 Series Aqua models mop with a simple wipe. This system, valuable for better dislodging dust and removing stains on the surface, is totally ineffective against encrusted residues.

Less well equipped than the Philips 7000 Series, this range logically gains a few minutes of autonomy and would be able to vacuum for 3 hours 10 minutes. In comparison, nothing really significant.

The vacuums are quite thin and should easily get under furniture.

Finally, a docking station can accompany one of the references in the HomeRun 3000 Series Aqua range, the XU3110/02 robot. This base is also responsible for emptying the dust collector. However, it does not benefit from Philips Dual Wave technology, which generates an airflow that simultaneously sucks and pushes dust, in order to better project it into the 3 l bag.

The XU3110/02 vacuum cleaner is already available at €679.99 and the model without a dump station, the XU3000/01, is sold at €499.99.

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