Vote on Green Deal splits Popular-Socialists, does the EU veer to the right?

The European Commission was rejected by the vote in Parliament one of the main proposals on sustainability in the context of the ‘Green Deal’, the plan for the energy transition. Populars (Ppe) and liberals (Re) have in fact allied with conservatives (Ecr) and sovereignists (Id) by sending a clear political signal to the community executive: the so-called “majority Ursula”, who supported the current Commission, is faltering. And all the more reason the rapprochement maneuvers between the Populars and the Conservatives continue which could lead to a changing of the guard in the European elections scheduled for June 2024, of which the vote in question could be the first sign. So a European Union that is ready to shift its political center of gravity to the center-right, with Manfred Weber (Popular) who has been talking to for weeks Giorgia Meloni (head of the Conservatives) to cut out the Socialists.

The vote

The amendment presented by the four groups to request the withdrawal of the proposal presented in June 2022 was approved by the Agriculture Committee with 30 in favour, 16 against and no abstentions. At the same time, the proposal for a regulation on the “restoration of nature” which sets different recovery obligations of a wide range of ecosystemswhile pointing to the reduction of pesticides in agriculture, considered as harmful to habitat and the environment. The vote against by several MEPs indicates that they fear an excessive backlash for farms and farmers. Without forgetting that since 2035 there had already been a lot of bellyaches within the People’s Party following the stop to heat engines.

“Now we have to see what will happen between today and the plenary, but it is clear that it is a vote that reflects the opinion of the commissions and that must be taken into consideration”, explained the president of the Eurochamber Roberta Metsola. The proposed EU nature restoration legislation aims to restore biodiversity to protect terrestrial and marine ecosystems by prioritizing those with the greatest potential for carbon removal and storage and for preventing or reducing the impact of natural disasters such as floods.

Meloni’s plan

And this is where the long-term plan of Giorgia Meloni, which aims to lead the Brothers of Italy to a solid and stable alliance with the EPP by disengaging from the Conservatives and further moving away from the sovereigns. The Italian prime minister is forging ever closer ties with the leader of the Popolari Manfred Weberwhich in turn aims to disengage the EPP from the alliance with the socialists and take the place of Ursula von der Leyen at the head of the Commission. An iron pact that annoyed Antonio Tajanipersonal friend of Weber, who is now ready to support the other Popular Roberta Metsola together with Forza Italia.

The League rejoices

“The resounding slap given to the bill on the restoration of nature, rejected by both the agriculture commission and the fisheries commission in the European Parliament, should force a reflection on the EU top management”. This was reported by sources of the League in the European Parliament.

The “repentance” of the EPP, according to the same sources, “confirms once again that the so-called ‘Ursula majority’ is now buried and, in view of 2024, sets aside the reckless idea of ​​the left that the ecological transition and to be carried forward on the shoulders of businesses, workers and families”.

“May Commissioner Timmermans listen to the appeals that are now coming from many quarters and stop before it’s too late – the sources conclude – there are those, like the League, who have denounced those wrong choices from day one; someone else smells the elections and tries to correct the mistakes made up to now”.

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