Wavy Movements in Polygon (MATIC)

The momentary price movements in Bitcoin (BTC) continue to affect altcoins, the chart structure in Polygon (MATIC) has created question marks.

MATIC, which surpassed most major coins in the first quarter of 2023, has been pricing the exact opposite recently. MATIC, which has just broken the downtrend that started at $1.19, continues its fluctuating price movements. MATIC, which has turned its course upwards from $ 0.83, may steal the danger signals if it continues its structure on the chart.

Polygon (MATIC) Grafik Analizi

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The ripple movements in the crypto ecosystem affect the price movements of MATIC. MATIC, which has crossed the $0.87 resistance for now, is making volatile pricing around this level. MATIC, which was affected by the decline in Bitcoin and came to $ 0.85, rose to $ 0.887. How does the chart continue in MATIC, which outperformed other major coins in the first quarter of 2023?

MATIC, which is currently traded at $0.887, could make more violent rises if it exceeds $0.943. The resistance levels for MATIC are 0.943 – 1.029 – 1.06 – 1.11 and $1.19 respectively. Support levels that can be followed on MATIC are $0.825 and $0.788.

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