When converting to web jobs breathes new life into your life…

When he introduces himself, Pierre Masset resounds with a singsong and playful voice. Perhaps because, for this 36-year-old former tennis teacher, his life is now well put together. Indeed, at the end of 2019, Pierre decides to give a new turn to his professional life and decides to embrace a completely different career by integrating O’clock, which offers training in web professions.

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After 12 years spent with a racquet in hand teaching the techniques of mastering tennis, Pierre wishes to change his profession to enter the field of IT. But the environment is too vast for him to be able to target a profession, so Pierre carries out a skills assessment which confirms his new path to follow: web developer. He explains his choice, his experience and his training within O’clock.

Convert quickly and efficiently

« My skills assessment was extremely beneficial, since I quickly turned to the profession of web developer. I was able to measure that there was a certain ease in retraining and a great possibility of employment “explains Pierre when he talks about his retraining. And when we ask him what motivated his choice to integrate the training of web developer in 6 months within the O’clock school, he affirms, as evidence: ” This resumption of study should not drag out too long; at the time, I was 33 years old and a family life! The telepresential format offered by O’clock was perfectly suited to my situation to lead my life as a student and take care of my son “. Moreover, he absolutely did not imagine resuming his studies by treading the classrooms again.

Discover O’Clock training!

And regarding the course format, Pierre is just as enthusiastic: “ It was very nice ! Even in telepresence, I always rubbed shoulders with the same students. This created bonds that allowed us to work together after class. Mutual assistance was permanent and very active “. These links, even through interposed screens, allow students to move forward together and more quickly because, as Pierre points out, ” there is always one who understands before the others and who shares his knowledge! »

Pierre is full of praise for his training undertaken with the O’clock school and provided by professionals with whom he is ” easy to exchange “. The young man remembers from his training with O’clock that ” this teaching teaches above all to learn and develop one’s skills as one goes along. O’clock training facilitates the learning of other technologies! »

At the end of his course and fully satisfied with his retraining, he decided to consolidate his skills by integrating work-study training, still with O’clock.

And today ? After 3 years of teaching, Pierre obtained a CDI in the company which hosted him on a work-study program, like 70% of the people supported by O’clock. According to him, if web development is a buoyant profession, it is also a passionate choice: “ It’s a great creative job that, in my opinion, should not be done by default. You have to be aware that a developer spends 8 to 9 hours a day in front of his computer! » After tennis, Pierre has become a web developer completely exalted by his new job!

Retrain with O’clock

The particularity of the O’clock school is the journey time taken by a student to reach his classroom since it takes just… zero seconds! Indeed, the trainings are delivered by telepresential, a comfortable format which does not prevent to combine accompaniment, mutual aid and success. Proof of this is that 97%* of former students say they are very satisfied or satisfied with their training course.

Despite a physical distance, the interaction between trainers and students remains fluid thanks to the tools available to each. It is then possible to exchange orally or in writing via a discussion thread and without fear of interrupting the smooth running of the course.

Since its creation in 2017, O’clock has already supported and trained around 4,000 people, a figure that proves that converting to web development is a choice for the future. And it works rather well since 97%* of them have completed their training course. Not to mention that the courses undertaken lead to a diploma, for real recognition of the work accomplished!

O’clock is a school where learning is intended for those who have the motivation and take a certain pleasure in it. As a bonus, this studious, serious, benevolent state of mind and handling humor particularly well — just consult the O’clock website to immerse yourself in their culture! — emanates a humanity that unfolds beyond the screens. The cause ? The creators wanted a school like the one in which they would have liked to learn!

For those who are still hesitating, you should also know that 85% * of the people supported received full or partial support for their training costs. It may be time to find out about integrating O’clock training…

Become a web developer!

* As of Thursday, January 22

Article written in partnership with O’Clock

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