Coinmint Sues Chip Maker for $23 Million

Crypto mining company Coinmint has filed a $23 million lawsuit against the California chip manufacturer for alleged fraud.

Coinmint claimed that Katena Computing and DX Core had set up a plan to persuade them to buy the $150 million Bitcoin mining machine that Katena did not plan to deliver, according to a lawsuit filed in the California Santa Clara County Supreme Court.

DX Core Rejects Allegations

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CoinmintAllegedly, Katena offered to bribe her partners, including an unnamed person at the mining firm, to purchase a $150 million Bitcoin mining machine.

Case, DX Core and its executives, as well as allegations of fraud, breach of contract and fiduciary duties, as well as aiding and abetting, against former Coinmint employees. Coinmint is demanding a compensatory figure, including the $23 million it deposited for the sale.

Commenting on the subject, a spokesperson for Katena said: “Katena is in binding arbitration regarding Coinmint’s breach of contract and is seeking damages resulting from Coinmint’s non-payment. Katena is willing to talk openly and truthfully about this disagreement. However, she will respect the arbitration process and confidentiality requirements, she. When we can speak more clearly, we will communicate.”

DX Core, on the other hand, filed a petition earlier this month to dismiss the lawsuit, saying Coinmint has not made any comments to support its claims against the chip company.

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