Dubai Regulator Addresses Crypto Risks

Dubai’s financial regulator has argued that global watchers need to be in active communication to close gaps in crypto rules.

For the crypto industry, 2023 continues to be a year of regulatory talk. In 2022, which is completed with the FTX crisis, it is aimed to provide a regulatory clarity for investors. European Unionhad attracted attention by taking steps in this regard with MiCA.

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Commenting on crypto regulations, the Dubai regulator stated that global watchers and regulators should work together.

Dubai Editor: Global Communication Matters

Dubai Financial Services Authorityis making a concerted effort to drive crypto regulations and bad actors out of the industry.

in the editor acting as assistant manager Elisabeth Wallacetalked about the legal dimension of the crypto industry. Wallece said it is worrying that so many crypto companies tend to operate under one roof. Wallace said that this situation gives them anxiety.

WalleceHe stated that crypto organizations are involved all over the world and therefore global regulators should be in touch. Thinking bad actors are trying to exploit loopholes Wallacethinks that more talking would help.

The fact that crypto entities are registered in islands around the world or moving away from the central authority has come to the attention of the Dubai regulator.

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