JPMorgan Marks Rise for Bitcoin!

banking giant JPMorgandue to the uptrend of the gold price, Bitcoin (BTC) of 45 thousand dollars He said he could reach.

The volatility of global markets affects risky assets and gold. The economic situation and functioning in the USA allows assets to be relocated. While the accelerated rise in the gold price draws attention, it is said that this situation will also reflect on the crypto side.

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One of the largest banking companies JPMorganthinks that the bullish wave experienced on the gold side will also reflect on the crypto side. JPMorgan, Bitcoin He pointed to 45 thousand dollars for it.

JPMorgan Confident About Bitcoin!

banking giant JPMorganBitcoin (BTC) price will rise and 45 thousand dollars He thinks he will reach his level.

The bank’s strategists attribute the strong momentum on the gold side of the Bitcoin bullish forecast. Also, strategists say Ethereum will outperform Bitcoin.

JPMorgan analysts’ price strategy is about approx per ounce 2 thousand dollars refers to the current gold price. Strategists who think that two entities will act together, 45 thousand dollars indicates level.

In statements from the bank’s strategists, includes the following statements;

With the price of gold rising above $2,000, the value of gold held for investment purposes outside of central banks is now about $3 trillion. That amounts to a price of $45,000 for bitcoin, under the assumption that bitcoin equates to gold at private investors.

Also, the bank 45 thousand level set as the upper limit. Other reasons other than gold include mining or production costs.

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