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The all-new Leica Q3 arrives with a renewed 60 MP sensor, a new Maestro IV processor and 8K video. What doesn’t budge is the Summilux 28mm F1.7 ASPH lens. which is unchanged since the first Q (Typ 116) in 2015. A bright and high-end lens, whose excellent performance we were able to highlight with a 47.3 Mpx sensor during our test of the Q2 Monochrom. We wanted to know if the optics could take the increase in definition.

A beautiful optic.

An optic that easily swallows the 60 Mpx

Good news, this unchanged optics is still as sharp, even a little better with this new sensor.

An optic always at the top.

An optic always at the top.

From the full aperture at f/1.7, the images are excellent and the sharpness increases up to f/2.8 and f/4 where the level is really good, similar to the latest Sony lenses. It decreases fairly logically thereafter, while maintaining good values ​​up to f/8. We just regret a lack of homogeneity between the center and the corners of the image, between f/1.7 and f/4.

A real “zoom” 28-90 mm?

Then, we wanted to emphasize the sensor’s cropping capacity, materialized by its “zoom” function ranging from 28 to 90 mm with several intermediates. Whereas with the Q2s, the crop digital jpeg stopped at 75 mm – and with a 6.5 Mpx file – the new definition of 60 Mpx allows the Q3 to push the zoom a little further, to 90 mm.

focal 28 mm 35 mm 50 mm 75 mm 90 mm
Definition 60 Mpx 39 Mpx 19 Mpx 8,5 Mpx 6 Mpx

At 35 and 50 mm, the definition is still quite high, but from 75 mm, there is a fairly clear drop that will have to be taken into account. This is particularly telling when we look at our excerpts above. Here, we readjusted the framing to fit our whole scene, and so we moved away. If we remain fixed and are content to shooter while zooming in with the digital zoom, it yields far more usable results, underscoring the versatility of the device.

Of course, this “zoom” only applies to jpegs, and your raw files remain intact.

For more information on the Leica Q3, we invite you to consult the complete test of the device soon.

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