PA, salaries as in the private sector and higher increases: the numbers

After three months of negotiation, the Aran (Agency for the Negotiating Representation of Public Administrations) and the representative trade unions have signed the national collective agreement of the Central Functions management for the three-year period 2019-21. It is learned from a note.

PA, salaries as in the private sector

The contract is about 6,200 public executives and professionalsi (doctors, lawyers, etc. from non-economic public bodies such as Inps, Inail, Aci). Increases are expected 3,78%, to which up to 0.22% can be added, based on the institution’s availability. Good news therefore for the public sector.

On average, in fact, an employee or a manager of the public administration receives salaries in line with those of the sector private. Not only that: in the last few months the contractual increases have been more substantial for the workers of the PA “Although with due caution in the comparison”, from a comparison public-private”no particular misalignments in the wage averages seem to emerge”, reads the six-monthly report of Aran on the wages of civil servants which takes stock of the situation.

And the more you increase

Crunching the numbers, in particular, it emerges that in 2021 the total average annual gross salary of public administration employees (ministries, tax agencies, local functions) was equal to 31.766 euro, compared to a national average for the same category in the private sector equal to 30.836 euro where, in particular, it ranges from a maximum of 34,288 euros gross per year (for employees in the banking and financial services sector) up to a minimum of 27,515 euros gross per year received by employees in the tourism and travel sector.

The numbers

As regards the changes in the contractual remuneration of non-executives, Aran reports trend increases in the private sector, respectively of 1% in December 2022, of1.2% in January 2023, 1.3% in February and 1.1% in March. On the other hand, for similar personnel working in the public administration, decidedly more sustained increases were recorded, equal to 2.8% in December 2022, 4.7% in January 2023, 4.9% in February and 4.9% in March 2023

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