Sandbox CEO’s Twitter Hacked

The Sandbox CEO’s Twitter was hacked to support an alleged airdrop scam.

Sandbox CEO Arthur Madrid’s Twitter account was hacked to be used as a fraud. After the incident was discovered, the CEO got his account back.

Sandbox CEO Takes Back Hacked Twitter Account

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Arthur Madrid, co-founder and CEO of The Sandbox, published a post after recovering the account. Madrid was the victim of a Twitter account hack on May 26. The attacker allegedly used Madrid’s account to support a bogus “airdrop” phishing scam.


In the Madrid post, Sandbox warned users that they should never click on any link promoting the airdrop or URL that appears to be a scam.

Four hours before Madrid’s post, The Sandbox’s official Twitter account also warned that a scammer had taken control of the account and promoted “a scam/phishing link for a fake SAND token.”

The tweet included a screenshot of the alleged scam post, which advertised a SAND token airdrop and encouraged users to qualify, redirecting users to a website with a different URL than the official one.

The Sandbox team stated that after this event took place, work began to close the site.

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