Solana (SOL) Chart Analysis – May 26, 2023

Can the decline continue in Solana (SOL), where sellers have dominated for the last ten days?

The yet unclear price movements in Bitcoin continue to push altcoins to support levels. Negative pricing for approximately 11 days SOL, hanging below $ 18.80 caused concern in the investor. SOL that beats above this value for now is not counted in the safe zone yet. SOL Can the declines continue? We evaluated the graph.

Solana (SOL) Graphic Evaluation

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SOL, which has been losing strength since May 15, is trying to hold on to the $19.20 support. Reacting at $18.80 a few hours ago, SOL, which broke above an upper resistance, continues to give bearish signals. If $19.20 is held, $19.86 – 20.16 – 21.50 and $22.94 levels can be expected for the SOL, respectively.

It’s one of the decision points for SOL, if that’s why the resistance at 2.94 is colored blue. The reaction at this price may provide clearer data on the wide time frame. In negative situations such as the Solana ecosystem falling into the background and the depreciation of Bitcoin, the values ​​of $ 18.87 and $ 18.15 for SOL can be followed as support.

Screenshot 2023 05 26 10.16.39

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