The conversion bonus in France in 2023: everything you need to know

The scrapping bonus, officially called the conversion bonus since 2018, is an aid granted by the French State for the acquisition of a cleaner vehicle and which can climb up to several thousand euros. This aid was set up within the framework of the Energy Transition Law and aims to help households acquire an “ecological” car.

This bonus makes it possible to finance part of the purchase of the new vehicle and can be combined with other ecological aid. Don’t forget to check the eligibility conditions before applying. Note that the conversion bonus can be combined with the ecological bonus, aid from local authorities, the additional bonus for residents and workers of ZFE-m (Low Emission-Mobility Zones), the “car” micro-credit clean”, etc.

To benefit from this bonus, several conditions must be met. First of all, the vehicle intended for scrapping must be at least 10 years old and be registered in the name of the applicant for at least one year. Then the replacement car must be new or used. Finally, the applicant must be able to provide a certificate of destruction of his old vehicle.

The latter can be a car or a van, the first registration of which must have taken place before January 1, 2011 for diesels and January 1, 2006 for others. It must imperatively be registered in France.

What are the conditions for benefiting from the conversion bonus?

In addition to the type of vehicle you wish to replace (we have just seen this criterion), the amount and conditions of access to the scrapping/conversion bonus depend on the household’s reference tax income. Because yes, it is a bonus subject to income.

Since January 1, 2023, the conversion bonus is no longer accessible to households whose reference tax income (per unit) is greater than €22,983. In addition, each person can only benefit from this aid once, but it can be combined with other bonuses (including the ecological bonus).

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Note that the conversion premium may be requested in the event of purchase or long-term rental (minimum two years) and is then included in the amount of the contributions. It can also be granted for the purchase of a second-hand vehicle meeting the basic criteria (see the paragraph on the amount of the premium), provided that it is more than one year old and has covered more than 6000 km .

What is the amount of the conversion premium?

The amount of the scrapping/conversion bonus depends on the acquisition cost of the new vehicle and is set at 80% of the purchase price within the limit of €4,000 for a new thermal model (Crit’Air 1) or occasion. A maximum of €6,000 is paid for an electric or hydrogen vehicle, depending on household income.

Another criterion, the price of the new vehicle must not exceed €50,000 for a petrol version and €47,000 for an electric/hydrogen version.

Note that the amount of the bonus also varies for the purchase of an electric or hydrogen utility vehicle, from €5,000 for a Class 1 to a maximum of €9,000 for a Class 3 (but limited to 40% of the price including tax, regardless of the amount). The conditions are then dependent on the professional activity, the mileage, the distance between the residence and the place of work, etc.

Finally, be aware that the amount of the conversion bonus is paid by the ASP (Services and Payments Agency) on behalf of the State. To obtain it, you must carry out the procedures yourself via the online form. For more information, do not hesitate to visit the official website of the conversion bonus.

Which vehicle can I buy with a conversion bonus?

The conversion bonus is primarily aimed at individuals who wish to change their car to an ecologically cleaner vehicle. You can thus use the amount to finance the purchase of a new or used vehicle of the electric or hydrogen type, a combination of the two, but also a petrol, natural gas, LPG, ethanol or superethanol car, whose first registration is after 2011 (for used cars).

The premium can also be used to acquire a low-polluting van (electric, hydrogen or both, petrol, natural gas, LPG, ethanol, superethanol). Similarly, the vehicle can be new (purchase or long-term rental) or second-hand, provided it was registered after 1 January 2011.

Are excluded from the conversion bonus: diesel vehicles, petrol versions with Crit’Air 2 sticker and above, as well as plug-in hybrid vehicles.

The premium may also apply to electric or power-assisted two-wheelers, as well as electric quadricycles. You can estimate your premium amount directly on the official website.

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