The Rise of Blend Got Attention

The rise in volume of Blend, Blur’s BFT loan platform, drew attention.

The rise of Blend, a subsidiary of NFT lender Blur, has garnered market attention. Incoming data indicated that the company increased its volume. The company received data on volume from Nansen.

Blend Examines Rise in Blur Volume Data

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Blur has grown rapidly with an aggressive incentive program since October last year, making it the best NFT market by trading volume. Blend’s popularity contributes to the services it provides among NFT lenders and borrowers.


According to the Nansen report, the rapid growth of Blend is not surprising. Because Blur is the perfect NFT platform for crypto-natives and NFT fans. Blur is also said to have contributed to its success by offering features like Blur token airdrops and a listing points system to promote liquidity. Nansen states that Blend is effective at providing and receiving NFT loans with 1,200 unique borrowers and 1,600 lenders.

NFT lender Blend is growing fast on Blur’s NFT lending platform. In less than a month, a total of 123,500 ETH had secured approximately 16,000 loans worth approximately $225 million.

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