The TV bonus is back, new funds arriving for scrapping

It’s about to come back bonus tv. The Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy is thinking of refinance with 90 million euros the state contribution for the scrapping of the old television set or decoder.

The measure is contained in the draft measure that the government is preparing to support the telecommunications sector.

TV bonus, funds depleted

The TV scrapping bonus had been included in the 2021 Budget Law: the contribution for the purchase of new generation television sets, provided that the obsolete ones are replaced, expired at the end of 2022 with the funds exhausted.

The Meloni government is planning to reactivate the incentive for next year and has included the measure in a draft of the provision that the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy is preparing to support the telecommunications sector, with a possible allocation of around 90 million euros, following the same rules with which the assignment of the previous bonus was defined. In particular, two decrees are mentioned: the Ministerial Decree of 5 July 2021 published in the GU 188 of 7 August 2021 and the decree of 18 October 2019 (GU 270 of 18 November 2019) on the “Methods for the disbursement of contributions in favor of final consumers for the purchase of television equipment suitable for the reception of programs with the new DVB-T2 transmission technologies“.

TV bonus not active due to running out of funds

The incentives provided by the government for the transition to the new digital terrestrial are substantially Three:

  • TV decoder bonus (envisaged by the 2018 Budget Law)
  • TV scrapping bonus (envisaged by the 2021 Budget Law)
  • “at home” decoder bonus (envisaged by the 2022 Budget Law).

The first two are cumulative among them and are no longer active: the platform for requesting them is no longer active since November due to running out of funds. However, the “at home” bonus decoder is still available.

Il bonus tv e decoder was active from 18 December 2019 to 31 December 2022. This is a discount applied by the seller on the sale price, for an amount up to 30 euros to buy a decoder or 50 euros for satellite equipment. The requisites required are Italian residence and belonging to a family unit with an ISEE up to 20 thousand euros.

Il TV scrapping bonus, on the other hand, it is up to the purchase of a new appliance and the scrapping of an obsolete one (purchased before December 22, 2018). This is also recognized in the form of discount, equal to 20% on the sale price, up to a maximum amount of 100 euros. It is up to those who pay the TV license directly in the electricity bill or via the F24 model or to citizens who, as of 31 December 2020, are aged 75 or over, residing in Italy, and exempt from paying the TV license. Old televisions can be scrapped directly at the retailers participating in the initiative where the purchase is made

Bonus decoder at home still active

However, the “at home” decoder bonus is still available, the facilitation which provides for the free delivery, directly to the home, of a new generation decoder for citizens aged 70 or over, holders of a pension 20 thousand euros per year.

You can request:

  • by calling 800 776 883 and following the instructions for home delivery of the TV decoders (service available from Monday to Friday from 10 to 18, excluding holidays);
  • going to a post office during opening hours;
  • by visiting the dedicated page.

Citizens who have already used the TV decoder bonus cannot benefit from free delivery. The discount can instead be combined with the TV scrapping bonus.

TV bonus, how to understand the compatibility of the TV

First you need to check if your device is compatible with the new one DVB-T2the new version of the Digital Terrestrial 2 which updates the technological standards for watching national channels and which will improve the quality of the signal to make room for high definition broadcasts. Services and the number of TVs connected to the internet will also increase.
The same Ministry of Economic Development explains how to do it:

  • the first way is to check on the manual or on the technical sheet of your TV if the indication DVB-T2 is present.
  • if you can’t find the manual or if the indication of the new Digital Terrestrial, you can go to the second method. Just turn on the TV as you normally do (always in Digital Terrestrial mode, therefore also starting the decoder if you don’t have a Smart TV), and tune into the channel 100 (Rai Test Channel) or on channel 200 (Mediaset Test Channel). If you see a screen that says “Test HEVC Main10” it means that the TV is compatible with the new transmission standard and that the television signal will continue to be received even after the technological transition has been completed. If instead on channels 100 and 200 the black screenyou have to try to do the risintonizzazione of the channels. If even after this attempt the screen remains black on channels 100 and 200, then the device is not enabled.

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