What’s Happening in the Arbitrum (ARB)? 26 May 2023

Arbitrum, which recently tested the bottom price on Binance (ARB), increasing volatility.

A few days ago, it came to $1.01 and touched the bottom price on Binance. ARB, seems to have risen from this value. The popular coin, which is currently traded at $ 1.13, has experienced a 13 percent increase in a short time. At the same time, it remains resilient to the drop in Bitcoin. ARBre-entered the market agenda. ARB What’s up with the chart? Can the ups continue?

Arbitrage (ARB) Grafik Analysis

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With the withdrawal of altcoins ARB’de It was $1.07. ARB, which started to rise with a reaction from this point, came to $ 1,158 after overcoming the resistance of 1,134. Priced in a short band range, the ARB could target $1,184 – $1,249 – $1,349 and $1,423 respectively as long as it continues to the upside. The Arbitrum ecosystem, which has been presented to the market with great interest, has not yet been able to clearly meet the expectations. A rapid price hike could bring the ARB back into the spotlight.

ARB, newly listed on exchanges, tested its bottom price on Binance a few days ago. ARB, which loosened up to $1.01, formed a volatile price structure from here. For the scenario where decreases are experienced in ARB, the levels of 1.134 – 1.06 – 1.01 dollars can be followed, respectively.

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