With Waze, Roger Federer can be your co-pilot on the road

What if Roger Federer was your partner for double the time of a trip? In the absence of being able to rub shoulders with the Swiss champion on a tennis court, Waze now offers its users to be guided by the voice of the man with twenty Grand Slam titles. Ideal for tennis fans who want to get in the Roland-Garros mood.

Waze - GPS, Maps & Traffic

Waze – GPS, Maps & Traffic

Waze is the reference community GPS, it allows you to establish a route and a navigation by knowing the traffic and the dangers of the road. The ultimate app for drivers!

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To do this, simply go to the settings of the mobile application and thus activate the voice of Roger Federer so that the navigation is embellished with a slew of remarks that refer to tennis. “Time to drive. Rain or shine. The game has to go on. We’re prepared and ready to roll.” ; “We’re going to win this ride as a team, my friend. We’ve got your reflexes and your wet hands for the tricky turns. And I’ll guide us from the baseline.” ; “I was just thinking about tennis and driving… It’s simple, there are eight basic strokes in tennis, and six maneuvers behind the wheel. If you can do all these fundamentals properly, you are on the path to excellence. “, etc. These are the possible comments during your journey with Roger Federer to transform your car trips into doubles matches on the road.

The 20 million French users can already make their journeys with the voice of the former Swiss player, retired since last year, while the rest of the world will have to reach May 31. “Driving and playing doubles requires a certain sense of timing. Like your doubles partner, I accompany you on your journeys with Waze so that you arrive at your destination winning the match!”, said Roger Federer on the occasion of the launch of this typical experience for Waze users. In the past, the mobile application had already offered the voices of Gollum and Homer Simpson.

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