Duel Comparison: Google Pixel 7a vs Xiaomi 12T

If the Pixel 7a is essentially presented as a photophone, Xiaomi does not hide its ambition in the field. The first opts for a 64 Mpx sensor, while the second abandons the 200 Mpx of the Pro version for a 108 Mpx sensor. Both also have an ultra wide-angle module, but that of Google is more defined (13 Mpx against 8 Mpx).

As you can see in our comparison, the Pixel 7a retains a clear advantage in a characteristic that is now crucial to stand out. The 12T produces a very solid rendering on the wide-angle during the day, but we are still impressed by the power of Google’s algorithms and an experience worthy of the high end. The sharpness is much better, the exposure perfect and the colorimetry more natural.

It obviously gets more complicated in the dark. Digital noise appears clearly with Google’s smartphone, but this one does better than the 12T, whose rendering seems too dull and smooth. Our observation is even more obvious on the ultra wide-angle, even if the night shots are not usable on any of the devices. The Pixel 7a largely dominates and just misses a fifth star.

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