Exceptional promo: take advantage of -65% on F-Secure Total antivirus until May 29

F-Secure is a renowned company in the field of computer security, offering online protection solutions with proven reliability. The company offers two main products, each addressing specific security and privacy needs.

F-Secure Total is a complete online protection solution in one application. This plan offers a full range of features to ensure maximum security for your devices and your digital life.

F-Secure VPN is a specific offering focused on secure and private browsing. This solution allows you to protect your online privacy with a reliable virtual private network

Both products are currently offered at -65%, i.e. €25.55 for F-Secure VPN (1 year 5 devices) and only €38.50 for F-Secure Total which embeds this same VPN. This is an offer not to be missed: get 65% off on these two plans until May 29, or €51 in savings for F-Secure Total for 1 year and on 1 device.

Les points forts de F-Secure Total et F-Secure VPN

  • VPN: Access unlimited VPN for secure and private browsing. Protect your personal data and online identity with just one click.
  • Antivirus: Protect yourself against viruses, malware, and other online threats with powerful, up-to-date antivirus.
  • Password manager: Simplify your online life by using an integrated password manager. It helps you create, store and manage your passwords securely across all your devices.
  • Identity protection: F-Secure Total also includes identity protection features to prevent identity theft and targeted attacks.

F-Secure Total is currently offered from €28/year for 1 device, or around €2/month, for complete protection. A very advantageous price compared to the other offers available and which will allow you to protect your data and your devices. This great offer expires on May 29, so don’t hesitate any longer and opt for total online protection with F-Secure.

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