JPMorgan Committed to Artificial Intelligence

JPMorgan continues to work on an artificial intelligence application that it will use in advertising and business consulting.

In this period when digital assets and technological initiatives accelerate, artificial intelligence stands out. Artificial intelligence, which is shown as one of the most important technology of recent times, has begun to spread globally.

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Banking giant among companies with extensive artificial intelligence initiatives JPMorgan also participated. JPMorganshown as a competitor to ChatGPT IndexGPT for continues its work.

JPMorgan is on the agenda with its Artificial Intelligence Project

banking giant JPMorganhas recently reflected its interest in digital assets to artificial intelligence. The global giant company is working hard on a new artificial intelligence project.

The popularity of ChatGPT and reaching millions of users around the world has made other companies hungry as well. In particular, JPMorgan; is developing an artificial intelligence project focusing on advertising, business consulting and various finance topics. This project will be actively used in various business units.

I have to finance ChatGPTArtificial intelligence platform shown as a competitor to IndexGPT filed a trademark application last week. In the trademark application filed in the USA, IndexGPT A logo with a standard font style was introduced for

Before, JPMorgan CEO’su Jamie Dimonhe had said:

Artificial intelligence and the data that feeds it will be critical to the future success of our company. The importance of implementing new technologies cannot be overstated.

trademark attorney Josh Gerbenstated that this application will reveal the use of artificial intelligence in financial securities.

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