Lucia Annunziata away from Rai: will she go into politics?

Thursday 25 March will long be remembered as one of the most traumatic in the recent history of the Rai. Not so much for the subdivision of the directions of channels, newscasts and thematic areas (happened systematically with the succession of all governments, from the partitions operated in the First Republic to the most recent purges imposed by the various tenants of Palazzo Chigi), as for the news circulated since late morning concerning the umpteenth farewell of a big shot of Avenue Mazzini.

We cannot properly speak of a bolt from the blue, given that the controversy over the former managing director Carlo Fuortes and the subsequent abandonment of Fabio Fazio after more than 30 years of public service they had given the idea of ​​the heavy air that is breathed in these weeks within the state TV. Yet, the news of the resignation presented by Lucia Announced it had the effect of a bomb on the daily news flow, ending up occupying the lineups of news and talk shows for all the following days as well.

The farewell of Lucia Annunziata and the new course of Rai

The historic presenter of Rai Tre – Sunday peak face with his own In half an hour (for a couple of years transformed into Half an hour more given the longer duration compared to the origins) – decided to leave the third public channel despite the fact that his program was among those already confirmed within the next season schedule which will start in September. The prayers addressed to her during the past week were of no avail Roberto Sergionew CEO of Rai, who thus begins his mandate with two excellent farewells.

On the other hand, the new course wanted by the center-right majority for the public service Lucia Annunziata must not have really liked it, who in the minutes following the announcement released a letter denouncing the “mode of intervention” of the government, which would lead to an inevitable “permanent conflict within the workplace”.

Lucia Annunziata leaves Rai: first offers from the political world

It’s not even the first time that Lucia Annunziata leaves Rai slamming the door. It happened to her too in May 2004, after 14 months in which she had occupied none other than the chair of president (second woman in history after Letizia Moratti). Also on that occasion the frictions with the political world were decisive, in a historical period in which the second government of Silvio Berlusconi could count on a very solid consensus in the country, feeling legitimized to “accompany journalists and presenters to the exit” (how can we forget the so-called Bulgarian edictthrough which Michele Santoro, Daniele Luttazzi and Enzo Biagi were thrown out).

As often happens, all kinds of rumors have developed around the choice of Lucia Annunziata, including that of her landing right in the world of political class whom she always interviewed. In particular, it seems that the new secretary of the Democratic Party Elly Schlein immediately offered her a position within the national directorate, however receiving a first sharp refusal. At the moment no one knows if her will will really change in the near future or if – as already happened with Walter Veltroniwho first tried to take her to the Nazzareno – the lure of the profession really pushes her to decline every offer from the parties.

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