Acer Iconia Tab P10: A 2K tablet to take on the go during the holidays

Acer Iconia Tab P10: A 2K tablet to take on the go during the holidays

With its low price and 10.4-inch screen that displays in 2K, the Acer Iconia Tab P10 offers a tablet with well-balanced features suitable for family use. Strong, it can pass from hand to hand during the holidays to the delight of the eyes of young and old alike.

Incidentally, in 2022 tablets will represent 35% of the best-selling computer products in France. Between the PC and the smartphone, the tablet has taken its place in the family with its screen in a comfortable format and ultra-mobile consultation. And this summer vacation the tablet is the ideal accessory to carry in your luggage. This will allow adults to access information, manage travel, read and reply to e-mail, manage a bank account, and make essential reservations all from a good-sized screen. It can also transform into a small TV for movie sessions on the go.

For kids, it is the playful and educational side of it that will add to their holiday vibe. The tablet will also be used for watching cartoons or a suitable movie during long journeys. And for the whole family, it will be used to chat with loved ones, thanks to its video capabilities and its large screen. Since this tablet will move from hand to hand, it remains to find the right balance between price, performance, autonomy, weight and sturdiness. This fine balance is exactly what Acer’s Iconia Tab P10 tablet offers. For example, it’s available on Boulanger for €199 in a version with 128GB of storage, along with headphones and a case that fits as a stand for watching videos.

aluminum for extra strength

This is difficult! The chassis of this large 10.4-inch (26.4 cm) diagonal tablet is made of aluminum alloy. Apart from bringing a premium touch to the tablet, it also allows it to increase the fineness (7.8mm) and weight. Upon arrival, the Iconia Tab P10 weighs only 440 grams on the scales. That’s why she forgets when taking a walk in a small bag. As far as the thinness of the tablet is concerned, the ITP technology used for the screen fuses the touch surface with the screen to further reduce the thickness. The display delivers a definition of 2,000 points by 1,200 pixels, or 2K. If there’s a border around the screen, it’s both very slim and practical to hold the tablet in hand, without inadvertently touching the touch screen.

In terms of autonomy, the nomadic side is guaranteed with this Iconia Tab P10. The 6000 mAh battery allows for 10 hours 30 minutes of continuous video viewing. Charging is done through the USB Type-C socket. It is on the same side that it is possible to connect a wired headset to an available mini-jack socket. However, it is still possible to connect a wireless headset to the tablet’s Bluetooth module.

a balanced setup

As far as the machinery is concerned, it is powered by MediaTek Companio 500 octa-core processor. In total, its eight cores peak at 2GHz. The power reserve is perfectly sufficient to meet the most common usages on the tablet. This processor is also similar to the one found on some Chromebooks.

The processor is supported by 4 to 6 GB of RAM, depending on the model. As far as storage is concerned, you will be entitled to 128GB of flash memory expandable via microSD memory card.

designed for kids

For the little ones, Acer has preinstalled apps children’s place from google. It is famous for its entertaining and educational content. On the parental control side, Acer has also added the application Google Family Link, It allows to manage your screen time in certain activities and filter out the display of unwanted content.

As far as the photo part is concerned, the Iconia Tab P10 is equipped with an 8-megapixel sensor with autofocus system for capturing photos and video memories of holidays or as a camera for translating restaurant menus or opening QR-codes. also works. But on the front, for more than just taking selfies, there’s a 5-megapixel sensor, by its side, perfect for making vizio with loved ones when you’re on vacation. It should be said that the display surface of the tablet will allow the whole family to see their interlocutors in a larger form.





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