All at the presentation of the 33rd Florence Astronomy Festival!

All at the presentation of the 33rd Florence Astronomy Festival!

33I The Florence Astronomy Festival in Gers will be held from 4 to 11 August, with an event, scientists and unique moments to share. With an average of just under 15,000 entries, this internationally renowned festival, sponsored by Hubert Reeves, is recognized as one of the leading scientific culture events in Europe and once again quenches all thirst for knowledge works out! Zoom in on some of the festival’s key events.

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, look to the sky to protect the earth This will be the essence of the 2023 festival. A sentence to remind us that we have no other option but to act here and now to preserve our home planet Earth.universeuniverse, To do so, many scientists, and at least one, would be on our side. OfEtienne KleinEtienne KleinIs aurelian barrauaurelian barraupassing by Cedric VillaniCedric Villani Or even Marc Dufumiere, he will enthusiastically follow science and its current events, which are often the subject of debate.

Here are the dates and times:

  • Etienne Klein: fight of zero – Science Marathon – Saturday 5 August – 2pm;
  • Aurelien Burrau: this is where the world is dying – Marathon of Transition – Wednesday 9 August – 1pm; First big Bangbig Bang and inside the black hole – Conference Night – Friday 11 August – 9.30pm;
  • Cedric Villani: Calculating the World 50 Years After the Meadows Report – Marathon of Transition – Wednesday 9 August – 4pm; Pascal, heart mathematician and 1Is Tech Entrepreneur! Night Conference – Thursday 10 August – 9.30pm;
  • Mark Dufumier: Agroecology to feed all humanity fairly and sustainably – Marathon of Transition – Wednesday 9 August – 6 p.m.

A major tribute to Blaise Pascal

In 2023, the Festival wanted to blinkeyeeye Is Blaise PascalBlaise Pascal To celebrate the 400th anniversary of his birth. With 9 conferences, courses and workshops on the character and his work, the festival is one of the first in France to pay such tribute to him.

Note, those talking about it include Laurence Plazente or Maryvon Spicer.

The Village des Chnops: a world of play and exchange for curious young and old

Behind this smiling name are hidden 6 chemical elements which normally make up 97% of the human body and living beings: Carbon, hydrogenhydrogen, nitrogennitrogenOxygen, Phosphorus, Sulphur.

So it is a small initiative to name this village where scientific activities and unforgettable experiences will take place. With friends or family, you can go on an adventure with Chnops Rally, lead the investigation racing gamesExplore the universe thanks to the Planetarium, meet researchers for exciting discussions… and many other great adventures to experience!

Florence Film Festival: Another look at change, science and society

An initiative that opens the festival to the latest, sometimes overlooked films that explore science, its challenges and, sometimes, its excesses. A mutation that also brings competition.

The film festival is coordinated by Quentin Lazarotto and organized by a jury composed of scientists and film personalities. This year it will be chaired by Jacques Mitsch, Toulouse director of scientific films.

The complete program is to be searched daily. The grand prize of the festival will be awarded by the jury during the closing ceremony of the festival on 11th August

eyes in the sky and head in the stars

We cannot mention the Florence Astronomy Festival without mentioning the unforgettable observation evenings that punctuate it and which take place at the iconic site of the Ferme Deus. StarsStars, As every year, the Festival will also feature the unforgettable Nuit des Étoiles, a national event that, for the record, was born alongside the Festival. A generous program that capitalizes on all the richness of the Florence Astronomy Festival that puts knowledge and science within reach of everyone, for the joy of everyone.

Information, schedules and reservations

Article written in partnership with the Florence Astronomy Festival