Amazon Flash Sale: -11% on this high-end electric scooter

Amazon Flash Sale: -11% on this high-end electric scooter

Simplify your city commute with the Aprilia eSR2 Electric Scooter available on Amazon! This clever mode of transport ensures faster mobility in urban areas, allowing you to avoid red lights and traffic jams, thus saving you valuable time during your daily commute.

Avail Amazon Flash Sale with amazing 11% off. The price of this model is currently reduced 642 € Instead of the usual price of €724.99, an opportunity not to be missed if you are considering an economical and eco-friendly travel solution.

A high performance and ergonomic electric scooter

This electric scooter is equipped with a high-capacity 288 Wh battery that allows you to travel up to 25 km on a single charge, thus providing great autonomy for your urban commutes. Built from high-quality materials, the Aprilia eSR2 ensures rock-solid strength and weather resistance, allowing you to ride with confidence in any conditions.

Chrome front suspension bars add both an attractive aesthetic appearance and improved shock absorption on uneven surfaces. Thanks to its advanced control system, the performance of this model is always under control, ensuring you a smooth and safe ride.

Other advantages of our electric scooter: practicality and safety

Its quick folding and light weight makes it a perfect companion for your regular travels. You can easily take this scooter on public transport or keep it in the trunk of a car without any hassle.

For comfort, the scooter gets 10-inch front and rear tires with tubes. The Aprilia eSR2 electric scooter is adaptable to all types of roads and can climb slopes of up to 23%.

Aprilia eSR2: A unique model in the market

With an impressive load capacity of up to 100 kgs, the Hitway electric scooter compares favorably to many other models in the market. Users highly appreciate this scooter for its ease of assembly and impeccable build quality, which makes it a very popular choice.

Also, the presence of an LED screen displays some useful information like speed and battery during your journey. You will also be able to avail of its safety features including LED headlights and brake lights, so that you can ride the scooter with confidence even during night journeys.





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